Our values are based under natural principles that influence human decisions, actions, relationships and effectiveness.

A. Integrity.
Members are expected to show complete moral and ethical uprightness in their decisions and actions. 2Cor. 8:21, Prov. 11:3, 20:7


B. Accountability.
It is expected that members should be responsible for their actions and inaction’s. Luke 16:2, Matt.16:27.


C. Leadership by examples.
Leadership must transform and motivate. As role models, leaders at all levels should be absolutely transparent by doing the things they say or expect of others. Matt.16:27.


D. Initiative.
Members must recognize their responsibilities and fulfill them. Phil. 3:13-14


E. Growth and Development.
Members must be involved in activities that would enable them to release their potentials and develop their talents.           1 Pet. 2:2, Eph. 4:14 -15, 2Tim. 4:14, 1Tim.1:6


F. Service.
The idea of making contributions continually shall be the mindset of members. Mark 10:45.


G. Love.
Members should show empathy and seek opportunity to do good to all men especially to them that are of the household of faith. Gal. 6:10, 1John 3: 17 –18.


H. Equity.
Members should at all times exhibit a high sense of trust and fair play in their interpersonal relations. Luke 6:31.


I. Humility.
Members should be branded by a sense of lowliness of mind. Phil. 2:3 – 8, 3:7 – 8.